Thursday, October 16, 2014

Christmas Cracker Market 2014

Applications are now open for the annual Christmas Market in Block B, Smithfield.

applications close on October 30th

Please note, there is no market in the Co-op in December, we move everything over to Smithfield for the 3 day event. Whether you are looking to apply for a stall or just come down and do all your christmas shopping, we hope to see you there!

Christmas Cracker Flea Market 2012 from BLOCK TV on Vimeo.

Friday, August 15, 2014

August Flea - Barbara Hoffman

Barbara Hoffman on design this month. Currently back in Germany, but eager to return....

Her inspiration: 

Irish Jumpers & Gem Hunters.
Why I chose the centaur as the announcing man is hard to tell – I like centaurs and I think they combine well with a hat, a jumper and a beard. In the end you can find loads of stuff there, maybe even a nice and wise centaur. If so, please keep it for me! I will come over the wild sea and get it.

July poster - Sarah Bowie

July's colourful flea was represented by Sarah Bowie, a local illustartor and comic book enthusiast.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Moving Encants

Any Flea market enthusiast who has been to Barcelona will have been to Encants. A beautifully crumbling encampment of old style junk-on-the-ground type traders, alongside the cheap cotton underwear and flimsy kitchenalia sellers. The traders would generally be found hiding underneath a makeshift umbrella, wiping their brows to try and ward off the heat.

There are writings to believe that Encants dates back to the 14th century making it one of Europes oldest markets. The Space itself oozed character and decaying charm, perfectly befitting with the contents strewn onto the bedsheets on the tarmac. Makeshift shelters with tin roofs and awnings, graffiti on weather worn yellow brick and the walk to get there through El Clot was the precursor to entering this run down shanty town of commerce.  The traders spotted you (as a tourist) a mile off and shouted ridiculous prices with little room for haggling, perhaps because they didn't really want to sell to you anyway.

Late last year the market was relocated to a shiny purpose built shelter at the busy traffic filled interchange at Glories (just down the road from El Clot). Designed by architect Fermin Vazquez, the reflective canopy aligns the traders within a multi layered terrace, with the junk-on-the-ground traders taking prime position in the centre of the structure.

Why did they move to such a modern construction? Would this kill the beauty of the old market? Would it turn it completely into a tourist trap? Will it change the entire atmosphere of the place?

We went already thinking that we wouldn't like the new arrangement but came away pleasantly confounded. The traders are still the same, the junk is still strewn on the ground and is still rubbish (amazing rubbish!), you still have to hunt and rummage and elbow your way to the best finds, you're still checking over your shoulder to see if your bag is on your back. Yes it does feel different and doesn't have that notion of walking back into another time, and indeed you do kind of look at the contents differently. Shiny things are suddenly slightly more attractive and crappy things a little bit more crap.

But it was still Encants and still one of the best Flea Markets in Europe.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

June Mapping

Emily Robyn Archer. A beautiful artist whose connection with nature and the environment shines through in all her work

"Unleashing a bit of Pirate mappin' on this month's flea. I love the idea of Dublin 8 as a treasure island with lots of magic, mystery and adventure to befall anyone who wanders through it. and whats at the spot marked X? All together now - TREASURE!!!"

Thursday, May 22, 2014

All Coyled Up

Ronan Coyle once spent 12 days in the amazon studying the nocturnal life of ants. He made a connection with the insect world that he never forgot.

He gots skills in many places.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

young artists at play

I guess you have to just accept gramatical inaccuracies when you get six year olds to graffiti your pavement for you