Thursday, January 15, 2009

those Dam fleas

The best flea market we found on a recent trip to amsterdam was on a monday morning.....7.30 - 1pm

Reckon it would work in dublin???

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We just received the new poster for the next Flea Market to be held Sunday 25th of Jan. It was designed by Ellen Reynolds and we love it! Thanks Ellen for your time, design and generosity! Ellen can be reached at

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Swop while you Shop

Oh good lord it just keeps gettin better...
There will now be a pitch solely dedicated to the swoping of items at future markets.

So what this means is that you can have a root through your wardrobes, pick out those items that you once loved but just havnt worn in the last 3 years, bring them down to us and swop them free of charge for an item at the Swop Shop Stall.

There are a few ground rules that we would like everyone to adhere to though.
Basically items that you bring should not be of bad quality, they are merely garments that you no longer wear for one reason or another. There will only be good things to swop if you bring good things to swop - so no ripped or tattered items please. And try to hold off on old penneys tank tops, think more jacket I bought last year but have only worn once!!

Each item is worth a certain amount of tokens ie. tops 1 token, jeans 2 tokens, jacket 3 tokens.....when you hand in your clothes you get their value in tokens which you then use to swop for other items. Easy

The Swop Stall will be open to both guys and gals

Friday, January 9, 2009

Stall Applications

We've set up an application form for stalls which can be filled in and submitted at this link:

Dublin Flea Application Form

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Flea Posters

So far we have had two fantastic flea markets and two fantastic flea posters to advertise them. Keith Walsh from Turtlehead designed the posters free of charge and we have to give it to him, they really blew us away. So thank you Keith for being so generous with your time and coming up with such great designs!
As Keith can't spend all his time designing posters for us we are now looking for other great young/up coming designers that would be interested in designing posters for future flea markets. The next being on the 25th January.

The poster will get good coverage all over the city for three weeks before the market and will be on display and for sale at future flea markets with all proceeds going to the artist directly. It is a chance for you to get your work out there and contribute to the revival of the city market. If you or anybody you know is interested please contact us by email at The next flea is 25th of January so we are looking for somebody soon.