Monday, March 30, 2009

Flea Applications


Fill in an application form by clicking HERE

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hot Off The Press!! The new March poster is in!
We are all very excited, as once again it is a totally different style poster to the previous ones. They just keep on coming!

This months poster has been designed by Maja Ignaczewska. So thank you Maja for your generosity, time and design. We really love it. To view Maja's other work check out her website at

Now, you may have noticed that we are building up quite a good collection of posters, too good indeed to let them slide into the past, forgotten. So we are making them available to buy at the flea market for €5. They are printed professionally on card and the money goes directly to the artist. So if you fancy buying one or all pop down to the next Flea.. Sunday 29th March.

If you are a designer/illustrator and would like to design a poster for the Flea Market please get in touch with us at Unfortunately no money is available to us, so it requires a designer/illustrator with a big heart and some spare time. The poster does however get good coverage all over the city for three weeks before the market and will be on display and for sale at future flea markets with all proceeds going directly to you. Who knows, if people love it, you could be retiring in a couple of months time and living off the proceeds!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Berlin Berlin Berlin

ahhh.....what a city. It seems like the world and their ubertrendy cousin are either living their or going there on a weekend sometime soon. Theres no recession jabber in the air because its like they've been living one for the last god knows how long anyway. Berlin is a testament to how life goes on and can improve in many ways when money isnt a persued pasttime.

Any given Sunday is like flea heaven.....heres a few snaps from some of the markets
Boxhagner Platz
Arkona Platz