Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Its a sad day when your house gets burgled and they fleece the joint. Its an even sadder day when you realise they've taken the keys to your van as well. And its an additional kick in the balls when it dawns on you that the six gazebos you borrowed from another Market were in the back of the Van. Five days later the Guards found the van down in Kilmainham but there was nothing left in the back.

We now have to replace these gazebos and are tearing our hair out to think where we are going to find €3000 to do so. We are a non profit driven organization and work on seriously tight margins, we just about keep things afloat from month to month. Whats more, we only trade for 12 days a year so cash-flow is not huge.

So we are asking for your help. We will be taking donations at the market this month, anything big or small, to help out with buying the new gazebos. In fact if everyone who comes down to the market gives just €1 it could cover the cost.

So please come down and show your support if you can. We would really appreciate it!

Aisling, Luca, Sharon