Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Canopies

We finally got our canopies for the outdoor stalls. woohoo!!!
Since we started the outdoor pitches we've been renting canopies every month off Dublin City Council - bit of a hassle and they couldnt guarantee us availability every month so we had to invest in our own. Its been a long time negotiating with the bank, wondering whether it was the right thing to do, wondering whether we could afford it....but we did it. Now just 3 years of repayments to look forward to (yessss!!)

So thanks to anyone who bought a raffle ticket over the last few months to help us out. Any donations or help are still greatly appreciated so slip a euro or two on the sly into the donations bin if ever you come down to the market and like what you see.

Ruble Jumble Poster

We loooooooove this months poster. Daragh Kinch has completely surprised us with his Rumble Jumble Flea Market Monthly Mania.

other things from Daragh can be viewed here: