Saturday, October 18, 2014

Posters - Artists - Design - Trade

Every month we have a new poster designer. They give their creativity for free and in return we sell their designs at the market and give all proceeds back to them. A lovely exchange,  a willingness to give without immediate return.

Help support this initiative by buying their posters at the Flea - only €5 each

September 2014 - Louise Kiernan

Dave & Gill at DoodleMouse Designs

Bobby Redmond

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Christmas Cracker Market 2014

Applications are now open for the annual Christmas Market in Block B, Smithfield.

applications close on October 30th

Please note, there is no market in the Co-op in December, we move everything over to Smithfield for the 3 day event. Whether you are looking to apply for a stall or just come down and do all your christmas shopping, we hope to see you there!

Christmas Cracker Flea Market 2012 from BLOCK TV on Vimeo.