Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June Market

Looking forward to the Market this Sunday, it feels like ages since the last one!
We've all been up to ninety getting ready for and working at Body and Soul last weekend - what a festival! Great craic. Great craic. Great craic.

But the end of the month roles around once again and the brain tunes into Flea mode.

The Summer markets are great now with the outside stalls, its lovely to just sit amongst the hustle and bustle and soak it all up.

BEAUTIFUL poster illustration this month by Niall Dooley who is part of the Blind Elephant Illustration Collective

Thursday, June 9, 2011

April and May Posters

Sorry for a bit of a blog lapse the last couple of months. woops

Every month we still look forward to the arrival of the poster. We are so proud of the collection of posters that have been done for us. Hats off to all the designers, yizzir all amazing and are as much a part of the flea as the stallholders, bric-a-brac and punters that come down every month! 8 of the 30 months posters are now sold out

April's poster was designed by Mark Crawford, a Dublin based illustrator and designer. check out his other work at

May was done by Niall McCormack He has made some pretty iconic posters for Dublin and we welcome him with open arms to the flea collection.