Tuesday, December 16, 2008

with pitches just about full for the christmas flea we need to choose carefully....
In order to keep things varied we want to have a wide (and maybe wierd) selection of everything from clothes, music, art and jewellery to random tat. But what makes these markets so special are the little gems that you know you wont be able to find anywhere else. The cooky bits n pieces of memorabilia from a decade past, those odds n ends that someone is reluctant to get rid of but just doesnt have the space anymore....

We're calling on all quirky attic hoarding potential stall holders....clear out your clutter before the new year!!!

If you think you have something DIFFERENT that could go down well at the flea


Music is going to be a staple feature at the flea and we've got some great musicians coming down to perform on sunday.
But seeing as its the festive season n all that we'd love to get someone down to belt out some jazzed up versions of the old classic christmas songs. We're particularly looking for 'remixed' xmas tunes so if you know off any groups who might have that right kinda flare pass on our details

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