Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We just received the new poster for the next Flea Market to be held Sunday 25th of Jan. It was designed by Ellen Reynolds and we love it! Thanks Ellen for your time, design and generosity! Ellen can be reached at


nadine cullen said...

such a beautiful poster, very talented

dmaxi said...

Beautiful Poster, indeed.
My friend was at the Flea Market last Sunday and told be about a stall of home-spun wool. I wonder if you have details of who's on each stall? I'd love to find out who this is but I'll be in London when the Flea Market is on again.

Hope to catch you in March. Best of luck & thanks for setting this up.

Dublin Flea said...

Laura Hogan is her name, she'll have a stall at the next one on Feb 22nd and she may even be holding a knitting circle as well. She has a shop on for her wool

hope that helps