Wednesday, May 12, 2010

couple of nice snaps from the Pop Up market at SoGo

Everyone was in great spirits despite the notsodelightful weather


Lyndi said...

hey there, i really enjoyed the market despite the sporadic rain showers! I picked up a great clothes form from a really nice guy with a great clothes stall.... thanks kind man:)

Dublin Flea said...

nice one lyndi, glad you enjoyed it. You know the regular market takes place on the last sunday of every month on Newmarket square, Dublin one May 30th

The Top Tips for Trips Blog said...

When is the next flea market? I can cover ti on my blog if you can send me on details...thanks

Dublin Flea said...

next flea is sunday 25th - they take place the last sunday of every month. It'd be great if you gave us a mention - cheers!

Geraldine said...

Hi there !
Where should I apply for a stall? and how much would it be?

It's such a lovely flea market :)

Best !!