Friday, August 26, 2011


We're throwin a street party at the flea this Sunday!!

Streetfeast which is a great, great initiative happens to fall on the same day as the market this month so we're going to set up a big long table in the centre of the outside area and all we need is for you to bring down some grub and get stuck in. So many of you come down to the market every month and this time we want you just to stay a little bit longer and enjoy a Sunday lunch together.

It will be a rolling feast all day and everyone is welcome to join. The idea though is that everyone chips in and brings something to the table, even if its small, just to contribute to the event - it can be a dish, a salad, a cake, some biscuits, bread, dips, drinks, party hats or even just some flowers for the table.

And all the usual market banter going on around you. Cant wait!

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