Tuesday, November 5, 2013

5 year celebration

5 years of local talent and design

5 years of haggling, trading and good times

Come join us for a celebration - Sat 16th - 7pm - Mill St

Stuart Bradfield is the head behind our fifth anniversary poster. www.stuartbradfield.com

"I wanted to do something photographic and my initial idea was to shape the word 'Flea' out of typical flea market fare and shoot. The Fleas loved the idea but after giving it more thought, I realised that for what I had in mind, I'd need an aircraft hanger and a truck! I shelved it until Sharon asked me to consider it for a MUCH more manageable 5th anniversary poster. A lava lamp or two, a shiny red bike, dusty old books, two vintage movie projectors, and an antique dinner gong were some of the items carted into South Studios – thanks Sean, Yvette and Kate for giving me the ground floor Shutter Room!"

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